Supersonic Sounds from Space.

Naturalist is made up of Sam Moffat (Mister Moffat) and Caleb Brown (FlatSpin).
The brothers from Fernie, BC are known for their diverse selection of music, each bringing their own unique style to the turntables. Their live sets are made up of various styles of house and disco but their studio mixes also share the sounds of downtempo, breaks and drum & bass.
They are well immersed in the electronic music scene in Fernie and are a large part in throwing the famous winter bush party The Mogul Smoker.
Their variety of music comes from their large group of musically talented friends and from having shared the stage with the likes of Stanton Warriors, JFB, Sigma, SkiiTour, and Neighbour just to name a few.
They have been making a name for themselves throughout small festivals in BC and Alberta including Fozzy Fest, Wicked Woods and Kamp Fest and this year marks their debut set at Shambhala.
The brothers also started their own podcast called Naturalist Radio, showcasing music you wouldn’t hear in their party sets and music that influenced them before and after they were DJs.

After Naturalist Radio, they started a Boiler Room style venue in Caleb’s flat known as The Apartment which was a successful winter project.

All of their mixes are done as live recordings and are unedited.



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