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I was lucky enough to grow up in the small town of Fernie, British Columbia, learning to ski at the age of four with my younger brother, Sam, who was three. We were taught how to ski by our parents. We were never involved in the race programs or ski lessons, even though they offered Freestyle and Freeride programs. We loved just exploring the mountain on our own in and out of the woods. We skied almost every weekend, with or without our parents, whether it was sunny or raining. I have skied for most of my life, but also spent about three years at the age of 11 snowboarding and playing on the local hockey team. Then one year after doing really well in a summer hockey camp, I sold all of my goalie equipment, gave away my snowboard and bought a pair of skis. That turned out to be the best decision of my life. Since then skiing slowly became, again, my number one passion.

One winter in 2008 Fernie hosted it’s first Junior Freeski Comp. I was always more into big mountain skiing then freestyle so I figured I had a pretty good chance in the event, even though I didn’t know much about the judging criteria or how it really worked, I just skied the run like I would on any other day and ended up placing third. I couldn’t let go of that feeling of standing on the podium. I chased that feeling the entire next winter, competing in three different junior comps in B.C. but struggled to get back up on that podium, I had a hard time with the criteria and had trouble skiing what the judges wanted. That year was a lot of learning, and I’m very glad today that I started competing at such a young age.

The next year, I only competed once or twice, again just barley making the cuts, just missing the podium, it looked like two years ago in Fernie it was just beginners luck. Then I was faced with the decision of trying and get a soccer scholarship and go to school, or continue with my childhood dream of becoming the ultimate ski bum. Then in grade 11, I decided to chase my soccer dreams and go to Germany as an exchange student for 11 months. There, all I really did was play soccer. Every chance I got I was at the field,  practicing, because of course, the German’s were truly amazing ‘football’ players. I ended up playing on the ‘A’ team for that community, which was a pretty big deal, as soccer, or football is the towns pride in almost every town in Europe. Before I knew it I was back home, still stoked on soccer.  After missing a year of skiing, and at that age, each year you progress at an insane rate, I thought I was going to be way behind. I ended up winning that comp, and clinching podium spots all winter; in Rossland, Kimberley and in Fernie. After that season I started reaching out to a few companies for sponsorships and got onto the Dynastar and Smith Regional Teams. The next year I was old enough to compete on the Freeskiing World Tour, so I hopped right in with Aaron and Luke and in 2010 competed as a Junior in BC and as a Senior on the FWT. That year I achieved way more than I could have imagined; I won the Fernie Junior Comp for the second time, placed top 5 in Kirkwood’s World Tour event, and won the Young Gun Award, which is awarded to the best young competitor on the Tour.

These amazing winters have been filled with long travel days, weeks of living in vans, crazy adventures with new friends, exploring new places and skiing many of the best resorts in the world. I am hooked on this lifestyle.

Now, I am focused on skiing the lines on the Lizard Range and the area surrounding Fernie and working on film projects with local athletes and artists.

When I’m not skiing you might see me running between the alleys of Fernie or capture a glimpse of me writing, through my window on Main Street.

2010 Young Gun. Photo Sean Naugle

2010 Young Gun. Photo Sean Naugle


5 thoughts on “About CWB

  1. Caleb William

    Wish I had been born in the ” recent past” instead of the dark ages, Your Grannie has to take a deep breath when I look at your mountain goat achiements ! And you do it with such grace! If you had been born in Russia you probably been a Nureyev. ( a fabulous athletic / ballet dancer ) . Did you ever see the film Billy Elliot ? A kid born to dance who persevered against all odds AND achieved his goal ,much in the way you are doing.There is an old and true saying.” do what you love and the money will follow”. I don’t know personally about the money but certainly personal satisfaction makes you strong and not easily stopped. I admire your persistence of vision . Never allow yourself to be abused,stay well and continue to .”enjoy”
    Love Grannie.

  2. Caleb Everyday I watch for the next run. Run? I do not have the language to describe what you do so confidently and so gracefully. So I watch Caleb Crowchild. Love Grannie

    • Yes, run is correct. And I only have two runs left before the season is over, then there is only a week of chairlift riding back home. I can’t believe winter is almost over, I am not ready for spring yet…

      • Geogeous clothes you wear.cold and snowy here,the squirrels come and demand I. Come to the window and dole out the food. but they amuse me .maybe when we all get to heaven we can actually tell stories about those cold mornings in Waterdown. No crows, they must still prefer to hang out in Fernie. Cannot say I blame them..Do you think hyou might like an afghan for your bus? I have been just clicking away at those. Fingerless gloves for too long. I put a stuffed cougar in my window which has set off alarm bells with the aforementioned squirrels

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