Two Free Rides

Did you know that your winter seasons pass from last year comes with two free single ride tickets in the summer? Neither did I until just recently so I can up with a plan to maximize the two rides and had a wicked day on my bike, riding about 20km of singletrack from town to the resort and back.

I stepped out of my car in the Provincial Park and looked to the sky. I was thankful for the cloud coverage and the recent rain, the trails were going to be in great condition and the temperature was cool for once. I set up my speaker on my bike, stashed my keys and hit the trail starting out on the Bridge View Connector which led onto Sherwoody. I turned left onto Gorby then left again and climbed Old Goat to Megahertz seeing only one small group of people who commented on my music as I went past. Soon after Megahertz I entered Fernie Alpine Resorts terrain and was able to have a fun descent down Holo Bike to the Base Area where I collected my tickets.

The ride up the Elk Chair was a nice break, I ate a piece of apple pie that had gotten completely squished in my pack on the journey over which gave me energy for the next stint. From the top of the Elk I made my way up the Megasauras trail which takes you through Lizard Bowl across the ski runs we call The Fingers over into Curry Bowl.

The double track trail was obviously an animal highway because it was covered in bear scat. Using a stick I poked and prodded one of the fresh looking ones and yes, it was fresh. I started getting a bit nervous as I was by myself and did not have any bear spray. Shortly after I found another fresh pile and thought about turning around but this saying came to mind ‘a life lived in fear is a life half lived’ so I continued on. I also I moved my wood saw from my pack to my pocket thinking that if it came down to it at least I had something.

Once I made my way into the openness of Curry Bowl I felt safer and headed over to the top of Bike Thief. I switched my suspension to descend mode and rode down Bike Thief to Bin-Logdin which brought me back to the Base Area where I jumped back on the Elk Chair for my second free ride.

At the top I chatted with the lifties for a bit then headed back towards the Provincial Park, where I had just been warned about a recent cougar sighting. I made it back to my car in just under 3.5 hours with no animal sightings other than the odd squirrel that ruffled the bushes, scaring me at first then making me laugh as I rode away. It was an awesome ride, I love spending time in the woods alone, I find it adds a bit of extra excitement as well as the feeling of accomplishment once it’s over. Maybe next time though, I won’t leave my bear spray at home.


One thought on “Two Free Rides

  1. Loved your detailed account in this story. I have often wondered what your bike excursions on those mountainous slopes would feel like; and what you might encounter. I have a better idea now. Great writing and reading! GD

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