A Regular Day In Fernie


It was a regular Wednesday afternoon, Fiona and I were trying to decide what to do with our day off. We thought about going to the lake, we thought about biking but we had done that already a lot this summer and wanted to switch it up. I am not much of a hiker, unless I have my skis or my bike to carry me back down with but Fiona had just got new hiking boots and needed to break them in so we decided to go hike the Spineback Trail at Island Lake.

We started out late afternoon and made our way down to the lake then onto the trail that meandered through the old growth forest. The smells of the plants and of the earth brought me back to the days of the Gathering and we shared stories of our childhood and many other reaches of life as we climbed.

Soon we broke through the foliage of the forest and into the rock gardens below the Three Bears and watched the rodents scurry from the cover of boulder to boulder. Fiona led the way as we passed a few groups of people coming down and before we knew it we were at the first bench below the Bears.

We climbed along the narrow ridge which I assume is the ‘Spine’ then sat and had some snacks on the rocks. From there I pointed out some of the lines that you can ski using the ski hill as access, crossing four bowls and ending up below Island Lake’s cat skiing terrain.

After enjoying the alpine views we made our way back towards the lodge. We took a wrong turn and ended up on the Fir Trail which extended our hike by a short time and was a nice addition to our walk. The Fir trees there were beautiful and impressive and we even thought we could hear an owl off in the distance as we came into the meadow beside the lake.

After the hike we enjoyed a beer and dinner in the sun on the deck of the Bear Lodge then made our way back into town just in time for the Wednesday Social at the Art Station where we bumped into many friends including my parents.

I remember expressing how lucky I felt to see this as a normal day in Fernie. From spending time in the beautiful woods to having dinner at one of the best restaurants in town then meeting up with good people for free live music across the street from where I live. What a wonder place this is!


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