Multi-Sport with Levi


A few weeks ago my good friend Levi and I planned a short canoe trip down the elk river. I couldn’t find my waterproof speaker so therein lied a difficult decision. Do we bring his speaker? It was a lot more expensive than mine and not waterproof. He asked if we would flip and I said that it’s one of those things, like crashing your bike, you never plan on it but it can happen at anytime. So I left the decision up to him. We are both DJ’s and music is engrained in us, so he decided it was worth the risk to have music on the float.

We put the boat in the water at the Hosmer bridge and the first bit of rapids were the biggest of the whole trip. We narrowly avoided the biggest part, took on water and almost flipped right then and there, but we held on and made it through.

It’s amazing how much the river changes after every winter. Often at each corner there are two options you can take, and we only chose wrong once, and almost got wrecked. The way we went the river took a 90 degree corner and there was a log sticking out over the river. We couldn’t cut the corner short and got sent into the bank. Luckily there was a stump that I was able to grab onto and stop our momentum, otherwise we would have gotten squashed under the log between the canoe. While holding onto the stump we turned the front end of the canoe then I let go and we laughed as we went by the log.

“That was a close one!”  We said at the same time.

On another corner we hit the bottom with the front of the canoe and ended up backwards, we did a full 360 and came out of the corner facing forwards but after that and a few more rapid sections we got the East Fernie bridge and the rest of the way was was fairly calm. A lot of the time we wouldn’t paddle, we would just sit and enjoy the views and of course, the music.

The best move of the day was our exit. We nailed it! Came in perfectly, spun around and hit the shore, almost like we meant to. Levi then looked at me and said,

“Should we go on a bike ride now?” Levi just got a mountain bike and is keener than anyone to ride it, so we dumped the canoe and traded to our bikes.

Most trails are new to Levi, and riding a trail with someone that has never ridden it is like watching a movie you have seen already with someone that hasn’t seen it. It makes it almost as exciting as your first time. I was excited to show Levi a trail I had secretly built on the ski hill after I stopped working there.

Myself and a few friends that also worked on trail crew would go up to the resort after they had closed for the night and work until it got dark. We had a decent amount of the trail started then we neglected to finish it. About a year later, someone from the ski hill contacted me, asking if I new anything about a trail in the tree island beside Siberia Ridge. We had abandoned it so the trail and who built it was not a secret anymore. I was excited though, to hear that the trail crew wanted to connect it to an existing trail and add it to the map. All I asked was that they call it what we were calling it, and we called it ‘Neverland.’

When Levi and I got to the top we were exhausted. It had been a long day in the sun but riding Neverland was going to be the perfect way to end it. And when we got the bottom, we sat and observed one of the best sunsets I have seen in a while.

Note: Building trails without permission is prohibited.

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