Naturalist Radio – Episode 0: The Prelude

This is a project that after years of thought and song collecting is finally about to come to fruition. It will be a bi-monthly live podcast on

We wanted to create a space for our fans to hear the music that they wouldn’t hear at the clubs or parties we play at. We have so much other music we want to showcase and this will be the place. Each Live episode will be saved for re-listening on Spreaker and SoundCloud. These episodes will be downloadable as well.

In our shows you can also expect guest mixes and interviews from locals and our friends afar.

“A collection of musical episodes with tunes selected by FlatSpin & Mister Moffat. Featuring music and mixes from their favourite artists, local friends and the brothers themselves.”

This mix is an introduction to Naturalist Radio.

Hosted by the brothers FlatSpin & Mister Moffat, this series will give the listeners an opportunity to hear different music than you would normally expect from the duo.

This mix is a sampling of what our show is going to be about. No boundaries, no limits, just good music.

Tune in every second Friday from 8-9pm MST
Episode 1 will be live and direct Friday May 12th.


2 thoughts on “Naturalist Radio – Episode 0: The Prelude

  1. Hi Caleb.

    Very enterprising! Good luck with this. Will see if I can make the connection May 12th. Question: MST or MDT ?


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