Skiing with Brothers

During our first Naturalist  set at Fozzy Fest 2013

Fozzy Fest 2013

“The chair is running!” Connor said, “come on, hurry up!” It was pre-ski season, early in the morning, the sunlight was only a bright line on the horizon as Connor, Sam and I ran up the Meadow with our skis in our hands towards the tree island above the Timber Chair, funny we didn’t have our poles…Once we reached the trees we slowed down, almost to a crawl, dragging our skis on the ground as we went. There was almost no snow at the base area, but that didn’t seem to bother us. Connor must have a plan. The ski hill was running the chairlift getting ready to open in a few weeks, but we didn’t want to wait any longer. We crept through to the edge of the trees to get a better look at the loading station and the coast was clear.
“Ready? Go!” The three of us jumped up and ran down the hill, as quietly and as least awkwardly as we could, we laughed at ourselves as we went, trying not to stumble and end up with our skis in a heap at the bottom. We made it down the hill and ran towards the back of the liftie hut and Connor poked his head around the corner, looked back at us, grinning. He took a few steps forward and peered into the hut. He tried not to laugh as he looked back at Sam and I peeking around the corner. “She’s asleep,” he whispered. Giving us the thumbs up. Perfect. It was going to be easier than we thought. The three of us tip-toed in our boots past the open door of the hut. Sam and I also chuckled at the liftie asleep on the job. Quietly, we placed our skis on the line, clicked in and waited for the chair to come around and pick us up. We were stoked. “Now thats what I call first chair boys!” Connor shouted, his eyes shined and so did his teeth.

We rode the chair up and up into the clouds, until it finally it let us off at the top station. When started down we didn’t ski like we do now, searching for the biggest and scariest thing to jump off of, but instead we found and made our own little trails through the woods like we did when we were kids under the Elk Chair. Sam and I followed Connor into almost unmanageably thick trees, but we didn’t care. We were exploring a new place, getting all hung up and tangled. We laughed as we went, using our free hands to pull us through until we came out at the bottom. This time there was more snow and we could ski right to the chair where other people were starting to line up, so of course, the three of us followed suit.

Each run we did our skiing progressed and the snow got deeper. After a few runs we had our poles and we were skiing harder than any of us had ever skied before; Connor pushing us as he always does. Even to this day, I feel him give me a nudge in the right direction.

This is a dream I had not to long ago. Connor is still my greatest inspiration and I feel truly blessed I can still go skiing with him. If you are ever lost, or not sure what to do next, just ask him. I’m sure he will answer. He has led me to many untouched runs, all I had to do was ask.

A photo that Connor took, his caption was "Life is Good!"

A photo that Connor took, his caption was “Life is Good!”


3 thoughts on “Skiing with Brothers

  1. Wonderful, Caleb. Keeping your dream alive is good food for the rest of us too.

    It was inspiring to hear you read it live last evening.


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