STORM CYCLES DAY 7 & 8 – The Big Storm at Stevens Pass

The second part of our trip was just as fun and exciting as the first. Stevens Pass did not disappoint, and we couldn’t have hit it at a better time. It rained the night we arrived, absolutely nuked (or as we call it, puked) the entire two days we were there, then started raining again as soon as we were packing to leave. It was their biggest dump of the year, it was a busy weekend, but not where we were skiing.

The first day was so windy and socked in the entire top of the mountain was on lock down, so we went up as high as we could and played in a really cool, old forest with massive trees that were covered in old mans beard; which continually worked as a perfect place to hide from the wind and snow as we waited for our turn to ski. That zone was filled with small hits like big root balls from fallen trees to jump off of as well as tree taps and pow turns to shoot. It wasn’t totally my style, but the other guys were able to pull off some sweet tricks amongst the old giants. At one point the wind picked up, blew all the snow off of the trees, we couldn’t see five feet in front of us, the group of people standing below me completely disappeared for more than 30 seconds. It was surreal. It had snowed about 15 cm’s that day, and the drive back down to Leavenworth in our rental mini van was a slight bit sketchy . We went and bought chains to ensure we make it up the pass, and to at least not get stuck in the parking lot. Good thing we got the chains because it didn’t stop snowing.

Almost a foot fell overnight and we were as stoked as ever. We had local photographer Jordan Ingmire, who had been snowboarding Stevens Pass for 8 years, to show us around. He brought us to a sick zone, with many different options. Whit had the first shot, a sweet double drop pillow air, then Thayne stomped a sweet cliff, Hayden jumped off a massive piece of rock and I catered to a shot that TJ wanted, more pow shots and a couple fun airs. Then accidentally jumped off a 30 footer to flat, I stopped right where I landed, almost buried in my bomb hole. It was still nuking. We worked that area from 10-4, hiking multiple times each, wallowing through the intensely steep and deep pow. We moved down the ridge after the guys built a bit of a lip of off a cliff and got some more sweet shots. Whit got caught in a slough-alanche (a small avalanche) in a bit of a gully feature, burying TJ who was filming below from the waist down. That spooked both of them, and TJ was done for the day. Whit Hayden and I hiked back up to where Thayne was hitting a few other feature in the woods, Whit and Hayden went over to them, I eyed up a nice size cliff, wallowed up to it and waited my turn. That was a fun air, and an awesome way to end the second part of the the trip.

Now were on the train from Everett to Vancouver, I can’t believe it’s the last leg already. It’s been a whirlwind of an adventure; action packed ski days, hilarious travel days, and absolutely wicked skiing. Sounds like Whistler is setting up nicely for us too, it snowed the last few days, similarly to Stevens, now it’s supposed to clear up. What an epic adventure, and it continues.

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