STORM CYCLES DAY 3: -66 Degrees Fahrenheit

Sunrise in North Dakota

The North Dakotan sunrise this morning transformed the flat, baron landscape into something beautiful. It was a pleasant view to wake up too; the colours of mixed pinks and oranges looked almost like a painting in the horizon. We had drank a lot the night before so I didn’t enjoy the view as long as I could have hoped, I closed the blinds and went back to sleep, the moving train lulled me into my subconscious. I’m glad TJ, one of the photographers woke up at that time and captured the sights.

After we woke up, we laughed at how hurting we all were, had breakfast, did some interviews, ate lunch and then napped. Life on the train has been tough, we eat, sleep, gaze out the window, eat some more and then slept some more. Our train is 6 hours behind schedule, due to the brutally cold weather, -66 degrees Fahrenheit! I don’t know exactly how cold that is in Celsius but I think it’s colder than I’v ever experienced. We’ve seen sections of track on fire, they use propane to melt the ice on sections of track that move and join together. Workers have also been under our train using blow torches to gain access to the water. I am happy to be inside and relaxing, it truly is a wonderful way to travel.

We are going to pull into West Glacier tonight at 2 or 3am where we will be met by out Montana host and taken to the hostel. We’ve been talking abut trying to go for a tour tomorrow, we have no skiing scheduled but Whit and I are super anxious to get out there. From what it looks like, Montana, Washington and Whistler have been getting snow. We’re on track, the storm cycle couldn’t have come at a better time.

The others are sleeping again now, a woman and her grandson that are our neighbours gave me a bottle of wine, so I’m sitting here in the darkness of our cubby, listening to tunes, looking out at the city lights whenever there are some to look at and writing away. The trip is off to an awesome start, the crew I’m with is great and super laid back, and by the sounds of it the other two guys that didn’t make it to Chicago (who are going to beat us to Montana in their rental car) are going to fit in quite well, we are all a bunch of chill dudes who are going to crush it.

Cheers to that!

One thought on “STORM CYCLES DAY 3: -66 Degrees Fahrenheit

  1. Hi Caleb! I love the accounts of your current adventure. Even the reference to “Once in a Blue Moon”: how apt. Best wishes for completing your tour. Love and much happiness in the new year. GrandDad

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