STORM CYCLES DAY 2: Crowds & Lights

Union Station - TJ David Photo

Union Station – TJ David Photo

I awoke from my sleep in the dark cabin of the plane from the little girl behind me pointing out Orian’s Belt to her grandfather. I looked around, rubbed my eyes and looked up at Orian, then my eyes were drawn to the mass of lights that was Chicago below us. The captain began to speak, “Hello folks, we have begun our decent into Chicago, but due to weather we are waiting for a good time to land.” So we circled around for about 20 minutes then began our rough decent. All my luggage made it to me safe and sound, and I was now wandering around trying to find the shuttle bus to my hotel where the others were waiting. The street in the bus zone was a complete gong show. No one seemed to know what was going on, it was cold too and there was snow on the ground; people were just blocking the doorways trying to stay warm and see the buses coming at the same time. I squeezed passed everyone, bumping them with my 2 metre long ski bag, quietly apologizing as I went. The bus showed up and the drive to the hotel was even more chaotic. It was such a change from my small town BC life.

Trent met me in the hotel lobby and told me how glad he was that I made it, I guess all flights into Chicago were cancelled and he didn’t know how my flight made it in, but there I was after a gnarly boarder crossing and then a mysterious landing into O’Hare Airport. The big bed and clean sheets of the hotel were quite welcoming after another Blue Moon in the lobby bar.

Now the 4 of us are hanging out in Union Station in downtown Chicago waiting to board our AMTRAK train, Hayden and Thayne the other two skiers from Salt Lake are going to meet us in Montana tomorrow evening. It’s funny, we drove right past Great Northern Powder Guides on the way to the airport, that is our first destination with the crew – Cat Skiing on Monday!

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