2014 Subaru Freeride Series





It’s been an amazing early season here in the Kootenays, with big storms and cold weather late October and early November were some of the best early skiing I’ve taken part in. Before a warm 2 days (that ruined the skiing below 1800m) I was able to get a few good missions in, including a wicked 3 day trip to a cabin where we received about 60 centimeters of cold dry snow. Avalanche conditions were dangerous so it was exciting to use some of my new knowledge and choose our terrain accordingly, and with no serious issues, we made it out safe.

This winter is already proving to be an exciting one, with new stops on the Freeride Series and an exciting film opportunity I am very much looking forward to being apart of. I’ve also got a very big hit list of lines that and peaks that I have not yet skied. I say it every year, and I get to say it again, this is going to be the best winter yet.

One thought on “2014 Subaru Freeride Series

  1. well I I have written a letter to you and it has disappointed into the wild blue yonder where ever that is !!!!!Make that disappeared ! It is a very good thing that I don,t ski! Just think on it, I would be long gone down the nearest hill ! Now I shall make an attempt to be coherent ! dear Caleb T hank you for your letter and the exciting description of your skiing. Exciting she says good grief it is terrifying that,s what it is ! Please look after yourself and I am aware that you have the good sense to do just that , PLEASE ! Long , long ago I put on my skates and was known far and wide as the blue rider ! I used to get valentine cards addressed to the blue rider and the teacher never knew who that was and I was not going to tell,! It is snowing here but it is only enough to show what white looks like but one only slips on the sidewalkPlease God no more slips on sidewalks of this old girl. Now if it were a dance floor it would be a whole different story. Did you ever hear of the Lambeth Walk? Or the Cha Cha now there , where I could really shine. Truly! Would I lie to you ?Never !
    So my dearest one embrace who you are and treasure your self. Love grannie

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