On the Road Again

While the sun was extending it’s rays onto the mountain tops in the Elk Valley Aaron and I were heading out on another one of our winter adventures. Whistler was the destination, but we were glad to have a ‘halfway house’ in East Vancouver. We stepped out of the car after the beautiful thirteen hour drive right amongst the city scene. Vancouver is the big city I probably know best, but it was still very shocking for the two of us, having just left the comfort of our small town – from ”black to white” as Aaron put it. We laughed at ourselves as we manoeuvred our way through the masses, waiting for the signal to cross the road. 

The clerk at the liquor store asked us what we were going to do with our Saturday night, I said, “Yes, I guess it’s Saturday night in the big city, we should probably go inside and stay there.” Aaron laughed and agreed, then we made our way past the usuals hanging outside the liquor store back to Shane & Sarah’s cozy little downstairs suite. The rest of the night we relaxed. Then somehow we ended up bowling. Next stop Whistler. 

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