Loner Chute

We haven’t received much snow in the past few weeks, but the snowpack is stable so I’ve been exploring more and more of the slack country off of Fernie Alpine Resort. The ridges and peaks of the Lizard Range seem endless as we travel east and west from the resort. It is such an amazing playground I have right in my backyard.

This video was from a little line I skied into Island Lakes territory, known as Cabin Bowl. When I got to the first chute I wasn’t very interested in it so I decided to hike up and see what was above me. It was a little challenging to get up there, I had to use a tree to get up the last steep section but when I got on top I felt like this was exactly what I was looking for; steep and narrow. My adrenaline started kicking in as I clipped into my skis, having not looked at it from the bottom I was wondering if the line was even skiable, but I figured once I got in there I could suss out the situation. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking.

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