Rogers Pass January 2013 – Scary Deep

Connor, Caleb, Claudia

Connor, Caleb, Claudia

The World Tour is in Revelstoke this week and my feelings are about as mixed as my favourite bag of trail mix; which is about 4 trail mixes combined. Over the years I have acquired a major case of F.O.M.O. For those who aren’t aware of the ‘disorder,’ F.O.M.O. is an abbreviation for Fear Of Missing Out. If there is something going on somewhere, I want to be there, if something awesome happens I don’t want to miss it! Being in Revelstoke not as a competitor was hard, especially with all the hype going about the riders and the event. I love hype. At the same time it was quite nice though. I was on my own schedule, and I didn’t have to worry. Period. I didn’t have to worry about meetings, I didn’t have to worry about finding a quiet place to sleep early at night, no worries about the venue, the snowpack, the weather. I felt at ease.

I was even going to stay away from Revi this week because I was afraid of being overwhelmed by the F.O.M.O. Seeing all the athletes, the judges and the venue would have been hard but at 12am at the Royal (the local bar my brother and I DJ at) i deceded that I was going to get up early and hit the road with some friends and head to Revi anyway. I played my set at 1-2am and headed home for a quick 3 hours of sleep. Chris woke me up, I was on the couch. Having decided that if I was only going to sleep for a short time, I choose not to start a fire in the bus. I quickly packed up a few things – 90% ski gear and I crawlled into the back seat of Claudia’s hatch back VW Golf and slept all the way to Golden, only occasionally being woken up by electronic music and bumps on the road.

We arrived at the Summit of Rogers Pass to find 20 centimetres of fresh snow had fallen over night. We were stoked. We got some info on the area and geared up. On our way across the parking lot we ran into Jacqui Edgerly and Lexi Dupont, friends of mine from my first 2 years on the tour. They killed it on the tour, got recognized and have moved on to bigger and better things so I hadn’t seen them since two season ago. It was a nice surprise. Lexi even said to me, “Isn’t it nice being in Revelstoke and not having to compete? We can party, and ski whatever we want!” She was right about that, but I know a big part of me is going to miss the ways of the tour. I bid my fair-well to the ladies and we continued into the woods.

As we headed up the highway of a skin track we got a slight view of what Rogers Pass is famous for; huge peaks, deep snow and pillows. The avalanche hazard was not in our favour so we decided to just ski the trees of the Grizzly Shoulder. Once we reached the top of our goal we switched over and came up with a game plan. Once we dropped in the three of us were amazed and the depth and quality of the snow. Waist deep champagne powder! We hooted and hollered all the way down. We all agreed that we have to come back for another lap before we left the following day.

That night we hung out at our friend’s Connor & Matty’s house in Revelstoke. We had a few beers and we were able to get to bed early, hopefully to pound out a few laps in the pass.

We woke up fairly early but still managed to get a late start. We made it past our previous days tour up the same skin track and stopped for a team meeting to decide where everyone wanted to go, and there we realized Connor was already late for work. So Connor and I decided to drop in where I originally wanted to ski the day before, Chris and Claudia went to go further skiers left then our previous tracks. The run I had with Connor probably has a name, or many names, but the name I gave it was Scary Deep. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe and I was in totally unknown steep, treed terrain. It was scary. Each time we stopped to re-group we were both in total awe. It evaded my thoughts all the way home, even today I wonder if it was real.

Dream Land - The main drainage to Scary Deep

Dream Land – The main drainage to Scary Deep

One thought on “Rogers Pass January 2013 – Scary Deep

  1. Beautiful story, Caleb, with awesome perspective. Powder has a power all its own, I know nothing about first hand. Such beauty you can’t not write about.

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