Choking on Pow

This has been the best start to a season I can remember; I’m sure there were starts like this in the 90’s when I was just a few feet tall, but being able to ski the 170 cm’s that feel this week was a beginning to remember…and it’s still snowing. I don’t think I have had that many consecutive days of choking on pow, I also believe I gave myself the longest face shot I’ve ever gotten. I am very excited for this winter in Fernie, focusing less on competitions and more on the joy of skiing. I’m bringing the fun back after being so serious for the last few winters. Opening new doors all the time, I’m so excited to see whats behind the next one.

Island Lake Catskiing - Photo Matt Kuhn

Island Lake Catskiing – Photo Matt Kuhn

In the world of pure thought, there are no boundaries, there are no limits.


One thought on “Choking on Pow

  1. Dear CCC,Alias Caleb! On with the dance,let joy be unconfined !!!! In your case not only the dance but the skiing !!! Still may the joy be unconfined! Happy days ! Grannie.

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