World Champs – A Crashing End

Sending the EggWhat a tough year it has been for my body and my mind. With broken ribs and damaged organs in the summer hindering me from competing in South America, to smashing my leg the day before the Canadian Champs in Revelstoke, to one of my gnarliest crashes in Snowbird and finally skiing full tilt into a wall of trees in Kirkwood damaging more organs and playing with my pride. In recent years I have been so excited to get home and celebrate my winter on the road, but this year I feel like I have barley completed anything this year on the World Tour, I have even gone backwards; from being pre-qualifed to having to qualify next winter. I don’t know what I was doing wrong. I can’t figure it out. I crashed in the easiest part of my run on Saturday for crying out loud! In the World Championship Finals! That will play with my mind all summer long. I don’t even know what really happened, all I know is I was on one ski all of a sudden, and there was no way I was going to just crash. I tried so hard to recover, and by the time I did I was going full speed into a patch of trees. Whenever I hit my head really hard I get deja vu, and it happened back there as I was trying to squeeze through the trees. What happened to the podium visualization? I sure didn’t visualize myself in the ambulance headed down to South Lake but there I was, trying to stay positive.

In the hospital I got mad at the doctor; it was a bad time for him to tell me I need to find another sport. During times like that I do wonder why I do this, but I do love what I do here; the traveling, the people, pushing limits and getting supported to do so. All I can really think about is competing again. I need to prove to myself that I am along side the best in the world. South America is where the new beginning starts. I wish it was tomorrow. I hate the saying ‘next time’ or ‘next year.’ I want to do it all right now! I used to think I was patient, because of how patient my father is, but I now know that I am very impatient. There are so many things I want to do, right now. That’s why I am always on the move, always chasing my dreams.

One thought on “World Champs – A Crashing End

  1. Returning home can be a great healing balm restoring balance from by-gone disruptive experiences. Coming to know yourself is an important gift. Treasure that as one of the outcomes of your winter experiences. Could it be that knowing yourself is part of “chasing your dream” and not just an add-on? Re-membering? As the saying goes…”it’s not so much what happens to us but rather what we do with what happens”.

    I am an old tree and these are some of my musings. Love, GrandDad

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