Moonlight Basin

My main feature. Ended up straight lining out to the lookers left due to about 4 feet of rock on the take off. (See video)

What an event the World Tour & Moonlight Basin put on this weekend. With 100 competitors, good snow and a world class venue there were so many awesome lines thrown down here in Montana. Both days was on the headwall called Headwaters and after Day 1 there were 5 Fernie boys in the top 20. I skied a fairly conservative line trying to bounce back from my crash in Snowbird, and stomping my final air was an awesome feeling. One that I carried out into the Finals and was able to put down another solid run. It was too bad, my main feature in the finals turned out to have nothing but rocks in the take off, so I had to squeak around it, I was the only one to go where I went that day, so I’m sure I got some creativity points. Fernie crushed the comp, after the finals we had 4 skiers in the top ten. Go Fenie Go! I ended up moving up 8 places from 16th to 8th overall and I had the 5th highest score of the day. Not too bad, hopefully I can get up on that podium before the season is over. With only one chance left…

Now they boys (Ben & Rich) and I are going to slowly make our way to Kirkwood, CA for the World Championships. Kirkwood got 3 meters of snow last week and they are supposed to get another 3 meters this week! I love Kirkwood.

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