Moonlight Basin

So Ben, Richie and I arrived in Moonlight Basin last night and had a cold sleep in the RV. We are all a bit beat up from the last few weeks of skiing, me more so from the crash in Snowbird so today we’re just hanging out, going to hit the hot tub and relax before we do a full day of checking things out here at the 3rd stop of the Freeskiing World Tour. about 12 cm’s here in the last few days and no snow in the forecast, but from the lodge it looks like the venue is closed to the public, so we should have some soft skiing for the comp. 

I’m glad the first comp of the season is out of the way, I feel like my head is in a better place now, and can pull of a good finish here in Montana. The adventures continue, more and more chapters added to the Book of Life. 

Check out this picture of my brand new ski, smashed both of them pretty bad, 3 damaged sidewalls, a completely broken edge and a core shot or two.



Sorry Dynastar. 

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