Frenchy Air


So I decided to go this way. And it didn’t work out so well.
As I entered the zone, I had to straight line in and pre-hop over all the rocks; I saw a better landing to the skiers right, and for a second I forgot about the rocks, focused on the landing. From the take off you can’t see the fin of rocks I am landing on in this picture. As soon as I was air born I knew I was in trouble. I’m lucky to get out of this one just a bit banged up.

3 thoughts on “Frenchy Air

    • the memory card was full…probably a good thing because i hit my head so hard on the side that the cam was on. probably would have hurt me and the camera. the footage would have been pretty awesome though. my bad. need to get a bigger memory card. or stop filming everything…still tweaking my troubles with head cams. i’ll get it though i promise! I’m getting the world tour’s angle of the crash, I’ll be able to use that in the final edit…sorry.

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