Celebrating Life & Scoping Lines

We arrived in Snowbird last night just in time for Jim Jack’s memorial up at Alta Ski Resort. For those of you who don’t know Jim Jack, he was the Head Judge of the World Tour who passed away last month in Stevens Pass. He was a very positive and inspirational man, and I feel very luck to have known him, and to be there yesterday with everyone. This week, and the rest of the season will be dedicated to him and the others we have lost to skiing in the past few years.

Today we scoped some lines on Silver Fox, Day 1 of the North American Freeskiing Championships.

Gear Hub hooked me up with a Contour+ headcam, so I have a few videos here scoping lines, this one is called ‘The Frenchy Air,’ and this year with low snowpack it is going to he a big air, with a flat landing and almost no take off, but if you want to score in the top, you have to stomp the Frenchy Air.


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