Shooting Photos, Hitting Cliffs

Sending it! What a day, skiing with some awesome skiers on the Rossignol & Dynastar teams, hitting huge cliffs, sick pillow lines and deep pow. The first air we hit was a 35-40 footer and at the top all I could hear was my heart beating, only because I could’t see the bottom. I knew it was good, but it was such a mind battle trying to convince myself it was good to go, even though I knew it was! I almost backed out, but ended up being the only one to hit it from the top. The second are we got into was a secluded pillow zone, sent a cliff about 15-20 feet and slashed a huge turn and boosted off huge pillow landing right near Blake, the photographer. Not sure how the photos turned out, but sounds like we all got at least one good shot out of the day. It doesn’t seem like much, but with cloudy skies and falling snow, we did well. 

Not sure whats in store for tomorrow but tonight I think we’re headed into town to do some lifestyle shots, and right now I’m going to go grab a beer with the crew! 

Sounds like Fernie is going to get 5o cm’s in the next few days, wow! Sick! I hope we get some of that! 

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