‘Another One of Those Days’

Today was yet another day where you can say, ‘That was the best run of my life!’ I’ve had three or maybe four of those days this year. What a season. Not so much little amounts of snow here and there, but every once and a while it has just dumped! The revelstoke snow report only said there was 15 cm’s of fresh, but with people lined up at the lift at 6:45 when I woke up and constant snowfall all night, something told me it was going to be deeper than that. In places it was up to our shoulders, and skiing new terrain in that kind of snow was unreal.

The girls did some shooting today, and the boys had a day off, and what a day it was. I could barley ski down my last run, and had troubles even in the parking lot on the way back to the hotel, I was drained. It was so good I couldn’t stop until I was forced too.

It’s still snowing (puking!) so tomorrow should be amazing for filming. If we can find a zone with no tracks from today, the shots of tomorrow should be insane.

Now i’m hanging out drinking beer in my hotel, watching it snow and pumping drum & bass. This is the life!

…even though I always look forward to coming back to Fernie.

One thought on “‘Another One of Those Days’

  1. Dear CCC,

    Congratulations and thanks for keeping us informed. Did you know that the crow is known for creating magic in this world. He is smart watchful and never careless. Enjoy and rejoyce!
    Love, Grannie.

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