Back In Action

The skiing has been amazing the past few weeks. It went from bomber conditions where we were able to ski anything we wanted in the backcountry, to some of the deepest powder I have ever skied. What another great year to be in Fernie. 

I was supposed to be headed down to the States this week, with my fellow Fernie Freeride Team members, but instead I am sitting here in Revelstoke again. I have been invited by Dynastar/Look/Lange here to do some filming with Blake Jorgensen and Sherpa’s CInema, yes the guys that did ‘All I Can,’ the best ski movie of the year!

With potential sled, cat, or heli skiing this trip is going to be a big one. Getting my foot in the door with some of the industries best.

I’m going to show them who Caleb Brown is. 

2 thoughts on “Back In Action

  1. Doing your best will be all anyone needs to see who Caleb Brown is. Lots of luck, Caleb; and above all “to thine own self be true”. Enjoy nature’s wonderland. Love you forever. GrandDad

  2. To thine own self be true ,then thou cannot be false to any man.

    I wondered where you were and am very happy to know you are safe,well and excited to be there !If you can keep us posted as to the continuing adventure. That would be good. .Reach for the strength and honor that is yours ( that is really who you are you know). ( so go back and read the first line of this note) I hope you are not rolling you eyes and saying ok already I heard you ” love ,courage excitement and safety Grannie

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