Back to the Bus (And Supernatural Thursdays!)

After witnessing a truck tip over in front of us on Rogers Pass, forgetting my wallet at Smitty’s in Golden we got home, for me to realize I forgot my helmet in Revelstoke. What a trip that turned out to be! At least we all laughed a lot while we were there.

So we’re home now, and I’m back living in Thomas. Thomas is a 1976 GMC school bus that has been turned into a ‘motor home.’ It’s about 25 feet long with a small deck on the back that holds 2 propane tanks which runs my fridge and oven. To get in, you go up two steps (made out of log rounds) onto the deck and through the back door. As you enter there is a fold out bed on the right and a stove/oven and sink on the left. As you continue down the isle, there is a fridge on the left and a wood burning stove on the right. The wood stove is key! With help from my friend Chris Brock we cut a hole in the roof for the chimney just in time for -20 weather in early December. After the wood stove on the right is a bench for sitting and on the left is a couple of double benches and a table, which have actually been turned into a bed for the last 2 months, as I have been hosting Chris until he could get his own room in another friends house.

It was always enthralled  by living in a van or a bus and one day I hope to live on the ski hill with Thomas. He doesn’t run that well right now, and I’m just not sure how reliable he is. So this coming summer, I want to tune it up a bit and travel around. There is talk of a Naturalist Tour in the spring or the fall this year. For those of you who don’t know about Naturalist; Naturalist is Sam and my Dj alias. We play at local bars in Fernie at least two times a month, sometimes five. With a hectic winter schedule already, this new amazing ‘semi professional’ hobby makes my winters even more full. I love always being on the go, skiing one day and Dj-ing the same night. It makes for very long and progressive days. Sam and I are trying to set up a gig or two playing at some of the World Tour after parties. What a weekend that would be.

If you want to check out our music, you can download and listen to them on the NATURALIST page on the right of the page. Or come out to one of our nights, awesome tunes,  no cover and cheap drinks!

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