Trees always Win

Somethings are just not meant to happen. I beat my cold, fixed my neck, I thought I had beaten the uphill battle. Then skiing down to the chair through the trees hot on Connor’s tails a gully came out of nowhere and I was going too fast and had no choice but to send it into the gully. At the last minute Connor slowed down to stop before the gully, turned right and I smashed into him, sending him ten feet into the gully, I went careening into a tree with my right thigh taking all the impact. I hit so hard it took both my skis off immediately and I knew I was done for this week. I started yelling at the top of my lungs, not because I was in pain but because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to ski the 40 foot double drop I wanted to do for my comp run. Poor Connor and Chris thought I must have broke my leg the way I was yelling but I soon explained I wasn’t physically broken. I immediately threw snow in my pants,  I was able to make it down to the Stoke Chair, and Joe Lammers (RMR Patroller) gave me a lift on his sled up to the Gondola and I was able to download where the boys were waiting with the truck.

I fell apart taking my boots off back at Connor’s, knowing I wouldn’t be able to put them on again for a while. Missing this comp has been a hard one to swallow, with some of the best skiers in the World here, it was the perfect opportunity to show the rest of the World that I can compete with the best. I went to the hospital and I was happy to hear my knee was stable, and the muscle took most of the impact.

Everything happens for a reason, but it can be very hard to justify when I have now missed three World Tour stops in the 11/12 comp season. I want to win this tour one day, and weeks like this make it hard to keep that vision going. The way I look at it is I got to come out here to Revi, ski some powder, and hang out with good old friends. And as my injured friend Aaron said, “At least we’re not dead.”

4 thoughts on “Trees always Win

  1. Sorry to hear of your accident Caleb… will still be cheering for you ONLY now for your speedy recovery.
    What is the actual diagnosis and time expected for that my friend…?

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