Feels like I’m Running Uphill

The last few days have been tough, with a cold coming on, a tweaked neck and the comp only a day away I feel as if I am fighting an uphill battle. Went to see a Physiotherapist yesterday and that helped my neck out big time. I obviously haven’t been stretching enough! I think I have beat the cold though with a few 12 hour sleeps and some mad Vitamin C and Fisherman’s Friend. I’m almost feeling Comp ready.

Today (if our venue is open for inspection) I will go peak around and check out the venue maps and make sure my line is actually in the venue. It is one I wanted to do last year but was closed and I had to make last minute adjustments which hurt my Line Score big time. Hopefully it’s in this year and I’ll be able to crush it. The line a huge double, looks insane from below but when I’m standing on top of it I feel confident and calm. If it’s not in, I’m not sure what I will do…same line as last year? Maybe.

The Canadian Champs this year here in Revi is going to be wild. With new big sponsors for the World Tour, and lots of the Freeride World Tour competitors here also. (The Freeride World Tour is the European version of the Freeski World Tour which is in North and South America). Those guys from Europe are on a different level then we are. Their venues include Verbier and Chamonix. That says it all right there. We can already see that the Freeski World Tour is upping their game with a new Finals venue, this time on the backside of Mackenzie Peak which is steeper and longer, not to mention has way bigger potential to go huge. This year too, they have included a day (saturday the 7th) for 20 Snowboarders from the Masters & Freeride events to compete in Revelstoke as well.

Lots of visualizations and rest for the next day. Then it’s go time. Full speed ahead. I don’t think I’ve ever been more stoked to compete. Especially with Hugo Harrison judging us…

2 thoughts on “Feels like I’m Running Uphill

  1. Good luck today… Hope you don’t need a plan B (line) … But always good to have a backup! Hope the sky is clear for the judges view too

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